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 Much of our work throughout the years has been and still is R & D; to find reproducible methods for large scale propagation of terrestrial orchids, for science, for private pleasure, for conservation projects etc.

Some selected species and hybrids are suitable for garden use. We have a number of these offered every year, however a little different selection in different numbers every year.

 Knowledge and ability are – as the web-site hopefully has shown – not our limiting factors. However, time and space are our limiting factors. We have full time jobs, family etc besides all this nice orchid growing…

We raise and sell approx 500 – 1 000 plants of Ophrys/Orchis/Anacamptis/Himantoglossum every year. These are grown one year on medium + one year in soil and are sold in summer with dormant tubers. Plant & tuber size can be seen on the web-site.

 Ophrys species + Anacamptis pyramidalis will blossom following year.

Orchis + Himantoglossum in most cases need one more year – see the Orchis pages on the web-site.

 We raise approximately 800- 1 500 Cyps every year. We concentrate more and more on approx 8-10-12 very good hybrids for garden use. The Cyps are grown one year on medium + two years in soil, including one winter outdoors. Thus, they are sold as three-year old plants in autumn. In May or early June we can tell what species and hybrids we have for sale a certain year.

For sale to USA and Canada costs for CITES and Phyto will be added.

Some years we have some selected Dacts or Gymnadenias for sale.


As time is one of our limiting factors, we usually do not have time with “single sales”, but prefer whole-sale to selected nurseries – but exceptions CAN be done. We have contact with one or two selected orchid nurseries in a number of European countries, who sell some of the orchids illustrated on the web-site. 

 In England: Mr Jeff Hutchings:

 You are welcome to ask about our contacts in other countries and we will help you.

 Contact with us:

 E-mails are also welcome if you are interested in discussing propagation and growing. 50% of the pleasure with propagating and growing orchids is the contact with people with similar interest.